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Exporter & Importer
Manufacturer / Producer
Export Glass Sand
Mr. Gehad Zid

Alex, Cairo
Tel: 20 18 1144904
Key Figures
Years in Business 23
Annual Revenue USD 1 - 2 Million
Employees 1 - 5
Company Profile
Exporter of glass sand.
Product(s) we Sell
[681250 ] Clothing, Clothing Accessories, Footwear and Headgear, of Asbestos
[680100 ] Setts, Curbstones, Flagstones, of Natural Stone (Except Slate)
[680210 ] Tiles, Cubes; Artificially Coloured Granules, Chippings and Powder
[680221 ] Marble, Travertine, Alabaster, Simple Cut or Sawn, With a Flat
[680222 ] Other Calcareous Stone, Simple Cut or Sawn, With a Flat or Even Surface
[680223 ] Granite, Simple Cut or Sawn, With a Flat or Even Surface
[680229 ] Other Monumental or Building Stone, Simple Cut or Sawn, With a Flat
[680290 ] Other Monumental of Building Stone Except Simple Cut or Spawn, With a Flat
[680291 ] Other Marble, Travertine, Alabaster
[680292 ] Other Calcareous Stone
[680293 ] Other Granite
[680299 ] Other Monumental or Building Stone
[680300 ] Worked Slate and Articles of Slate or of Agglomerated Slate
[680410 ] Millstones and Grindstones for Milling, Grinding or Pulping
[680421 ] Millstones, Grindstones, of Agglomerated Synthetic or Natural Diamond
[680422 ] Millstones, Grindstones, of Other Agglomerated Abrasives or of Ceramics
[680423 ] Millstones, Grindstones, Grinding Wheels, of Natural Stone
[680430 ] Hand Sharpening or Polishing Stones
[680510 ] Natural or Artificial Abrasive Powder, On a Base of Textile Fabric
[680520 ] Natural or Artificial Abrasive Powder, On a Base of Paper or Paperboard
[680530 ] Natural or Artificial Abrasive Powder, On a Base of Other Materials
[680610 ] Slag Wool, Rock Wool and Similar Mineral Wools, in Bulk, Sheets, Rolls
[680620 ] Exfoliated Vermiculite, Expanded Clays, Foamed Slag
[680690 ] Articles of Heat-insulating, Sound-insulating Mineral Materials
[680710 ] Articles of Asphalt or of Similar Material, in Rolls
[680790 ] Other Articles of Asphalt or of Similar Material
[680800 ] Panels, Boards, Tiles, Blocks and Similar Articles
[680911 ] Boards, Sheets, Panels, Faced or Reinforced With Paper or Paperboard Only
[680919 ] Other Boards, Sheets, Panels, Tiles and Similar Articles, Not Ornamented
[680990 ] Other Articles of Plaster or of Compositions Based On Plaster
[681011 ] Building Blocks and Bricks
[681019 ] Tiles, Flagstones and Similar Articles
[681020 ] Pipes
[681091 ] Prefabricated Structural Components for Building or Civil Engineering
[681099 ] Other Articles of Cement, of Concrete or of Artificial Stone
[681110 ] Corrugated Sheets, of Asbestos-cement, of Cellulose Fibre-cement
[681120 ] Other Sheets, Panels, Tiles, of Asbestos-cement, of Cellulose Fibre-cement
[681130 ] Tubes, Pipes, Fittings, of Asbestos-cement, of Cellulose Fibre-cement
[681190 ] Other Articles of Asbestos-cement, of Cellulose Fibre-cement
[681210 ] Fabricated Asbestos Fibres; Mixtures With a Basis of Asbestos
[681220 ] Yarn and Thread, of Asbestos
[681230 ] Cords and String, of Asbestos
[681240 ] Woven or Knitted Fabric, of Asbestos
[681260 ] Paper, Millboard and Felt, of Asbestos
[681270 ] Compressed Asbestos Fibre Jointing, in Sheets or Rolls
[681290 ] Other Articles of Asbestos
[681310 ] Brake Linings and Pads
[681390 ] Other Friction Materials and Articles Thereof, for Brakes, for Clutches
[681410 ] Plates, Sheets, Strips of Agglomerated or Reconstituted Mica
[681490 ] Worked Mica and Other Articles of Mica
[681510 ] Non-electrical Articles of Graphite or Other Carbon
[681520 ] Articles of Peat
[681591 ] Articles of Stone, Containing Magnesite, Dolomite or Chromite
[681599 ] Other Articles of Stone or of Other Mineral Substances
Target Export Market(s)
Product(s) we Buy
Target Import Market(s)
Western Europe
Central Asia
North America
Eastern Europe
East Asia
Middle East
South Asia
Central America
North Africa
Southeast Asia
South America
Africa, South of the Sahara
Products and Services
Export Glass Sand provides the following products and services:
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